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We are a full-service law firm with over 16 years of legal experience. Whether you are faced with an unexpected lawsuit, need a business contract reviewed to protect your interests, or would like to discuss the critical, legal steps of a real estate transaction, our experience allows us to act promptly and professionally on your behalf.  


We are conveniently located just north of the intersection of State Route 161 and High Street in Worthington, Ohio. Our goal is to serve our local residents, businesses, and community, and we look forward to developing long-standing relationships in our community and beyond. 



To be strategic in our thinking about your specific legal needs and efficient in how we go about meeting those needs. Not every contract negotiation, business dispute, or other legal matter requires or justifies the time and expense of multiple attorneys billing you at all hours of the day and night. Certainly, some issues require more time and attention than others, and we are always ready to respond to your unique legal challenges accordingly. In our experience, however, you are likely a business owner, real estate purchaser or seller, landlord, or an individual simply looking for effective legal representation to guide you through challenging circumstances. We stand prepared to steadfastly represent your interests no matter the size or complexity of the issues​ facing you, and we welcome such an opportunity.

(614) 368-2014

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